Magda Gondor-Berkovits

Candidate for
Ontario Liberal Nomination
York Centre

Magda Gondor Berkovits

Nominate Magda Gondor- Berkovits

Dear friends and neighbours,

I am requesting your support for the nomination as the Ontario Liberal Candidate, York Centre.

Like so many of us in York Centre, the opportunity to live in Canada is a dream come true. I was born in Hungary to parents who were both survivors of the Holocaust. As a small child, I was welcomed to Canada with my mother and brother as refugees of the Hungarian Revolution. The philosophy of giving back to Canada is very much on my mind and that is why I am seeking public office.

I have deep roots in York Centre. I have lived in the riding since the 1960’s, and have raised a family here. My son has purchased his own home and has continued to live in York Centre.

I also have deep roots in the Liberal party, and have held senior positions in the party, including president of the Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission, and have volunteered for the party at various levels since the 1970’s.

I invite you to volunteer for my campaign, and if you haven’t already done so, please join the Ontario Liberal party or renew your membership, participate by sharing your thoughts with us, or just give us a call.

I am working hard to earn the privilege of being nominated as your Ontario Liberal candidate in York Centre.

Magda Gondor-Berkovits

To volunteer or donate
Call 647-229-3980 or email